DFP8: 4 months of design & front-end work for Balanced

DFP8: 4 months of design & front-end work for Balanced

ICON’s economic enshrinement proposal set the expectation that Balanced will become a leading cross-chain DeFi protocol. To make that a reality, we need contributors to support the Balanced app and other user-facing touchpoints.

The DAO is expected to fund product development going forwards, so let’s kick things off with a 4-month proposal.

PARROT9 (4 people part-time): 12,000 bnUSD/month
Additional front-end developer (part-time): 4,000 bnUSD/month
Total: 64,000 bnUSD

This will allow us to maintain our current level of design, content, and product management, and double our front-end development resource so we can keep up with ICON’s cross-chain connections.

Funding will support:

  • bnUSD Savings Rate
  • Cross-chain connections
  • cctp.money integration (to transfer native USDC between supported chains)
  • Refactoring to improve scalability and stability of the app

Although we won’t get through them all in 4 months, cross-chain connections with Avalanche, Injective, BSC, Havah, Ethereum, Neutron, and Kujira are on our radar.

If time allows, we’ll also continue to chip away at additional improvements, like those mentioned in our previous proposal:

  • Technical documentation
  • Comprehensive wallet section for the Home page
  • Option to repay debt with locked collateral
  • Price chart support for all pairs on the Trade page

After the 4-month proposal, the smart contract devs should have a solution for ongoing payments, and both front-end developers may transition to a full-time role to keep on top of all the cross-chain connections.

We plan to submit this proposal to a vote later this week.


Definitely in full support of this proposal, and looking forward to welcoming back that additional FE developer.

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In full agreement :+1: love your work!