DFP7: Prepare the Balanced cross-chain UI

DFP7: Prepare the Balanced cross-chain UI

In preparation for Balanced’s cross-chain debut, we (PARROT9) would like to request funding to cover front-end, design, and content work for the app over a period of 5 months.

Cross-chain work: 40,000 bnUSD

  • New Bridge page design
  • Cross-chain UX
  • Keplr &/or ArchX wallet integrations
  • Code refactoring

The full scope of work will only become clear after we begin, and it relies on ICON completing BTP/xCall within the expected timeframe. We plan to leverage interoperability grants for any work not covered by this grant, and will focus on shipping product improvements during any down times.

Product improvements: 15,000 bnUSD

  • Enhanced UI design style (to bring it inline with the new website)
  • Comprehensive wallet section for the Home page
  • Useful signed-out state for the Home page
  • Option to repay debt with locked collateral
  • Price chart support for all pairs on the Trade page
  • Trade link support (i.e. app.balanced.network/trade#sicxbnusd)
  • Reserve Fund info on the Stats page
  • Open-sourced documentation

Total requested: 55,000 bnUSD
Front-end development: 20,000 bnUSD
Design: 20,000 bnUSD
Content & product management: 15,000 bnUSD

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