BIP 80: Maintenance vote, Remove legacy tokens, bug fixes and withdrawal limits

This vote covers a few different maintenance tasks as well as deploys a couple of small improvements.

  • As proposed in Maintenance: Changes to incentivized pools Remove the ability to vote for legacy token pairs.
  • Test out the oracle protection feature for the ETH/bnUSD pair with a 15% stop. Will not allow the pool to be traded out of that range.
  • Configure 15% per day withdrawal limits of all new tokens on dex. (AVAX, BTC, ETH, INJ and BNB)
  • Upgrade loans to function with multichain linked tokens (ETH or BTC) from multiple chains, also allow loans to be issued on a choosed chain
  • Upgrade daofund to better estimate xCall fees for trades.
  • Upgrade xCallManager the better verify rollback cases.

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