Maintenance: Changes to incentivized pools

Another cleanup item that I noticed we should take care of as Balanced continues to expand into other ecosystems. Currently, there’s a few pools that definitely should not be eligible for BALN incentives that are kind of cluttering the UX.

I propose we remove the following pools from eligibility for BALN incentives:

  • BTCB / sICX (this is old ICON Bridge BTC)
  • BTCB / bnUSD (this is old ICON Bridge BTC)
  • IUSDC / bnUSD
  • IUSDT / bnUSD
  • USDS / bnUSD

The primary impact here is to clean up the UX and stop highlighting deprecated tokens.


I’m in favour of this.
Can we also remove the option to pair liquidity with USDS, IUSDC, or BTCB?

I personally still use the IUSDC pool, and considering that Orbit Chain should start operating soon, it’s premature to remove it. It might still come in handy.

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I thought the usdc was stolen do they plan to make usdc users whole again?

We do not need to remove it from the frontend but i think its wrong to give people the option to vote for it. Since Balanced would not want to acquire liquidity on it.

I think there is not a option to revert allowing a quote token atm. Would have the be changed in the contract. What we could do for now is maybe not allow them in the frontend