Next phase of Pool Bribes

The current BALN bribes are nearing an end, so it’s time to discuss next steps. See below for the previous BIP on the topic.

Based on the vote data during the bribe period, it’s clear that bribes are an effective mechanism to help the DAO better direct inflation while also rewarding additional BALN to a good target group of the most active bBALN holders on the platform.

I’d like to propose that Balanced DAO continue the bribe initiative for 3 more months with some small adjustments. I suggest the DAO remove sICX/BTCB from the bribe initiative given the recent uncertainty around Binance. Once things settle down I think it would be a good time to revisit this, or also consider an ETH-based pool from a different bridge/network.

Watching the way inflation worked out, it is also apparent that the smaller bribe amount for the BALN/sICX pool had a noticeable difference on its inflation allocation. For this proposal, I suggest to increase the incentives to 3,000 BALN per week.

In summary, I propose the below weekly bribes for the next 3 months

sICX/bnUSD: 4,000 BALN per week
BALN/sICX: 3,000 BALN per week

Open to feedback and suggestions.

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Should we think about bumping sICX/bnUSD a bit more because its our main revenue driver? Or do we think it wont increase liquidity that much.

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Hmm I’d be open to it but want to think more about it.

I would say it won’t necessarily lead to more liquidity, but would definitely lead to more rewards to the most valuable LPs (sICX/bnUSD). We are cutting 4k BALN per week from the sICX/BTCB pool, so I’d be open to increasing sICX/bnUSD. My concern tho is it might lead to low incentives for BALN/sICX if the gap is too large. Might need to increase both.

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I agree with continuing the bribe. The proposed numbers sound good to me so not much to add other than my vote of support.

Adding a bit more to the sICX/bnUSD pool could happen but dont think it wil make a large difference

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