BIP 68: Balanced safety limits maintenance vote

It’s been a little while since we updated our general safety limit in some places. And also we have yet to configure the new protections from the asset manager update.

Max limit for bnUSD: $8M
DebtCeiling sICX: $4M
DebtCeling ETH: $500K
DebtCeiling BTCB: 0
Deposit limit sARCH: 2M
Deposit limit Avax: 15,000
Deposit limit BNB: 850

BTCB will be set to 0 since we do want to eventually replace it with a better BTC alternative.

We are keeping ETH due to plans to migrate that from the legacy bridge.

We also propose to set the quorum to 30% to lower the barrier for votes to pass without all larger voters needing to participate while we think of a way to better handle this frequent rate of votes recently.

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