BIP 60: Increase limits in Stability fund and temp fix for the ICX Que

The reintroduction of the stability fund has gone well and is filling up quickly. In order to make room for more price movements we propose to increase the limits of both hyTB and archUSDC to $500K. This proposal also configures a lower limit for the sICX/ICX que to 800k.
Furthermore, the stability fund overgoes a small upgrade in order to be able to rate limit yield bearing assets properly.

The sICX/ICX que has been a topic of discussion during the last couple of weeks Daily Pool limits - #6 by benny_options, while a better solution can be created in the future a temporary solution would be to set a lower limit when the protection should apply. At normal operation this pool is at 1.2-1.4 million ICX. So our reasoning being from stale market conditions it takes a couple of days for the limit to loosen then the pool will open and go way below 800K. Currently around 300K as of this post which means the pool will operate at maximum efficiency. Until markets cooldown and then they will be automatically protected again.


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