Voting should implement a comment section or a pro/con analysis

With the recent tighter peg vote, rebalancing is constant and frankly a little concerning for collateral providers. Combined with the rising ICX price, it is almost impossible to keep up with rebuying ICX as balance takes user’s ICX to rebalance.

In my opinion, it was voted in because the wording of the details were very pro-approve oriented. Some, if not most users don’t understand the flip side of the argument and will approve just based on the biased details it provides.

Imagine if on each vote there was a comment section or a dedicated analysis of pros/cons of each governance decision it would allow users to make a better informed decision.

That’s what this forum is for tbh. We will make sure to add the discussion links at the start of the vote. Most votes start as discussion here (or at least have had similar discussions here in the past)