USDT on balanced

Since ICXs biggest pair on Binance is USDT and also a very widely used stablecoin i do think we should add it to the balanced stability fund.

I do think we can start out with around 150k total allowed in the stability fund or something.

USDT does exists on many chains, which chains do people want it on?

I’d like to do Arbitrum and Avalanche.


Hey, thanks for starting the topic

The idea is that any arbitrage should convert his usdt to usdc somehow to bring it to balanced, so everytime there is opportunity the arbitrager must count these fees also and not making small trades bcs of these fees
So adding usdt will make bnusd peg tighter and will grow Balanced fees
Arbitrum looks very good bcs of fees, Avalanche also good mb we can also speak about BSC

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BSC is also a option, i don’t mind adding it there as well tbh. But will probably have less usage. but see no good reason to not allow it.


Yeah I think adding it from all of our EVM networks is a fine strategy. So that would be

  • BASE
  • OP
  • Arbitrum
  • BSC
  • Avalanche

Lets just do that and the limit the exposure in the stability fund and we will see where demand arises

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The Korea Exchange wants Tron-based USDT because it supports Tron-based USDT, but I think it will take a long time to connect, and it seems that it is not in the icon connection chain priority.

Yeah, There should be services out there for bridging from TRON though i imagine. So would remove one step for now at least.

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yeah that’s what I am talking about, every step counts

USDT on all integrations would be amazing.