Trading ICX to sICX


I would like to suggest adding some more leg room when changing ICX to sICX. I’ve done it and I’ve seen many people do the same mistake of changing all of their ICX to sICX only to realize the remaining ICX in wallet is 0.99 ICX which locks me out of doing anything in Balanced. If the trade took into account that there has to be 1 ICX at all times, why is it that it usually leaves 0.99 ICX and locks you out of the system for a while.

I would like to suggest tuning the minimum ICX amount to… lets say 1.5ICX or 2ICX so people wont lock themselves out of the platform for a day if they just switch all of their ICX to sICX


Yeah, or I would like to see a feature that lets you lock a certain amount of icx for fees like a sidewallet (?). I would like to have the available funds in my wallet to be used for whatever I want whilst not having to worry about not being able to cover operational costs. 2 - 3 ICX should suffice for most stuff for a coulple of days/weeks i guess :innocent:

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Actually really good idea.

Not sure if anyone is familiar with DEMEX, it’s a cross chain dex, they have this feature.

Allows you to reserve X amount of tokens for gas, it’s adjustable too.

They also have a faucet to claim a small of amount of their token incase you run out.

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Good suggestion, it’s been asked many times and definitely worth prioritizing at this point. I just raised the issue on github and will have the team work on it