To use DAO fund USDC, IUSD and OMM in OMM plattform

Dear Baln Community,

I think from the Baln income statement, we have around 20k each in usdc and IUSDC and 23k OMM stay idle in DAO fund. Can we start to discuss to use it invest in OMM platform.

USDC and IUSDC as asset supply and OMM as governance staking.

Any thought ? I think no risk or risk free for us and at same time can generate more yield for Balance platform. Please submit this in proposal after discussion if most members agree.

I think this is a great idea and would like to do it. However, I just spoke to a few balanced smart contract contributors and it makes a lot more sense to wait until Optimus launches to do this.

In order for Balanced to do this properly, we’d essentially be re-writing the optimus protocol. Optimus takes in tokens and invests/farms other DeFi protocols, so it would be redundant if Balanced built a product specifically just for our own investment in other protocols.

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I see. optimus finance is our tool then.

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