To include Baln as new type of collateral

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It time to include Baln as new type of collateral. Welcome any feeback on the ratio, i.e. 10% value or 20% value as a start.

Thank you

Yep I agree here. I think 20% LTV would be fine to start with perhaps a 10% debt ceiling. Debt ceiling means a limit to the percentage of bnUSD backed by BALN. For example, if there was 100 bnUSD total supply, no more than 10 bnUSD could be minted against BALN.

We can adjust from there. Development of this is already underway as mentioned in our latest roadmap update. It’s a complex upgrade with many dependencies so we are targeting to have it on testnet in in October and main net end of November.

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Good to hear this. Thank

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