Swap OMM for bnUSD, BALN

Hi, happy to join here.
I want to suggest we have liquidity pair for OMM-bnUSD or OMM-BALN.
At this time, when I want to swap OMM to BALN, I have to do 2 step: OMM-sICX then sICX-BALN.
It take a longtime for trading and not really good for newbie who do not have exp in crypto trading.


agree, more convenient for users is a must

I think adding more pools here will make the other pools more volatile / have higher price impacts as it’ll be spreading the assets out, at least in the short term?

I think the team has discussed adding shorter swap paths rather than new LPs (Eg. you click once to swap/claim, backend goes through multiple LPs)

Yeah, according to the blog transaction routing is planned to be live somewhere this month: Balanced roadmap update | September 2021

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Yes, this is something I agree with. Letting the backend do the heavy lifting and only asking users to click once for LP and swaps would greatly enhance usability.