Supplying liquidity to OMM / sICX pool: what's the reward on Balanced?

Hi everybody,

When you supply liquidity on balanced to pools like sICX / ICX, sICX / bbnUSD, BALN / bnUSD, etc. a percentage is mentioned regarding your possible APY.

However, the pool OMM / sICX doesn’t mention the APY. It just says: “-%” (see atachment)

Does this mean you don’t get rewards (on balanced) when supplying liquidity to the pool OMM / sICX?

I do know that you can then, afterwards, stake your LP-tokens on OMM and get rewards in OMM instead. But i thought is was possible to receive both Baln and OMM rewards by supplying liquidity to the pool OMM / sICX?

Can someone clarify this for me?

Thanks in advance Baln-community!

this is only for omm rewards, but we do get a share of the fees from the process of people adding liquidity. that is the distributed omm we get each day. (: