Suggestion to incorporate and consider into Balance Roadmap

Would like to see if Baln platform can have below feature in upcoming roadmap. Time ETA

Apart of @benny_options upcoming vote, following to consider

  1. Icon ecosystem own coin listing i.e. TAP, METX, SEED, IAM , Craft etc
  2. Synthesis Token i.e. Stock( Tesla), oil, Gold, commodity listing and shorting trading
  3. Crosss Chain to other ecosystem i.e. Luna, Polkadot, HT, Matic etc ( focus strong community )
  4. Additional Collateral Asset i.e. ETH, USDC, BALN
  5. Additional small reward for voter ( to encourage voter to vote)
  6. DAO fund investment strategy
  7. IDO platform within icx or other cross chain coin i.e. O3 swap
  8. NFT join venture , or game
  9. Buy back or to distrubute or burn ( may be in 2023)
  10. Marketing strategy i.e. campaign after cross chain done
  11. Farming as a service
  12. Tokenised real asset
  13. Make bnusd to use in real life purchase

+1 cross chain.
+1 DAO fund investment strategy
+1 ICON Ecosystem; OMM,ICE,TAP. Unifi protocol is not designed as beautifully as Balanced

bnUSD; will this be competing with OMM and Bridge Dollars?


Hi Sir,

Thank for your feedback, i think bnusd just another form of stable coin. Don’t think is competing with OMM. more like compliment. i think OMM don’t have it own. it leverage with orbit or some partnership for stable coin. i feel the stable coin bring in OMM have full compliance, should be no risk to be part of OMM.

Agree so far Balance like hybrid of many things. Pro product. now need to enrich it.

Love the enthusiasm guys, a lot of this is in the pipeline and of course, in the spirit of the DAO, I’d encourage anybody with ideas to pursue them! You guys will see what the core team is working on, but the DAO fund is there for community-led initiatives. We’ll continue to work on governance to make this easier and easier to do, as well as plenty of other items in this list


Really excited to see baln grow everyday. Thank @benny_options

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Yes to all! Except nrs. 2 and 12. Chanche to “tokenized real assets game” for now. Regulations is uncertain.

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