Stop Auto Buying with Locked Collateral

Can someone propose that when your collateral is locked that the rebalancing will not buy any ICX until it is in locked?

As this is very frustrating with your liquidation point raising on auto buys and you can’t sell your locked collateral to stop. If we could sell locked collateral it would be fine but we can’t

If we can take out any more of a loan with it being locked then the system shouldn’t be able to auto do it either.

This would also benefit others without locked collateral as they would get more ICX from rebalancing

I feel this would be a very calm sense thing to implement.

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Hey Cm89,

While this might sound good in theory, there are some drawbacks.

First of all, Auto buying is in fact rebalancing, but in reverse. Alot has been said about it on this forum allready, but the main idea can be found @ Rebalancing and the retirement process | by Balanced | Medium

So the automatic buying & selling of collateral is needed to keep bnUSD stable, and the amount it needs to happen is dictated by market conditions.

So if certain position get excluded from this process… I only increases the load on the other users. And as more people reach max LTV, the faster the people beneath LTV go up.

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The higher load on the other users is correct but they at least still have a chance to react, since it is not locked. A rebalancing to liquidation is countering the aim of rebalancing.