Standardized Voting Days


I would like to discuss the possibility of the implentation of standardized voting days in order to bring structure into the Balanced voting system.

I’m not sure if there is some kind of pattern on which days governance related votings go live but for me personally I felt like it is a little random. Currently, I feel like, I am relying too much on twitter to stay-up-to date with everything necessary. If you want people to engage in the future when interest of crypto declines once again, we won’t be able to reach the basis.

Maybe some of you know how we could handle this better. A calendar of some sorts maybe…

Thanks :call_me_hand:


I don’t think a voting “day” solves the problem. It does build in a time constraint to proposals.

If voting/governance is a priority, then checking here once or twice a week will give you a better understanding of the proposal and lead time to the vote. Not to mention a voice in shaping the proposal.

Are all proposals being posted and discussed here before going to vote?
It might not be necessary from a smart contract point of view, but the practice is good for the community. Any proposal that doesn’t follow this norm should be scrutinize. Why the need for haste over the need for community feedback?

Is a UI notification on the homepage being worked on for when a vote is posted?

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I think it is fine at the moment, as 50%+ BALN is participating in votes. If this drops… then maybe look at something like this

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Overall I don’t think it would be terrible though to have some sort of cadence rather than essentially as-needed. I see both sides. Thanks for the suggestion @Madsn.

@lifeofkaizen @PARROT9 maybe you guys can think of the best UX around voting to drive the most engagement. Maybe every week or every two weeks is a good place to start thinking.

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@benny_options If we have a regular schedule, I’d also be in favor of shortening the vote time. I think the current 5 days (correct me if I’m wrong) is good since people can’t really expect/plan. But if we have a regular voting day like the first Monday of every week or something, then people can plan for it. I think shortening the vote period to 2-3 days would allow us to be more nimble.


My general concern with short-time frames is people being able to sneak-in proposals, but there are other ways to prevent this of course


@benny_options Can you clarify what you mean by sneaking in proposals?

Sure, im saying somebody that makes a proposal with no discussion at all, no announcement or social media attention, has a lot of tokens, and passes something that the rest of the community would have voted against had they known about the proposal.

It would take a lot of tokens to do this, we already have some protection in place from the quorum requirement

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