Staking rewards history

Hey guys, love the spirit of this community.


  • it’s hard for a user to track his staking rewards. (e.g looking at the unstake value of your sICX daily). This can drive slight mistrust and even frustration at times.


  • get some sort of ‘history’ for your siCX staking rewards.
  • etc etc…

I’m sure there are plenty of UI/UX solutions the team can work with. Definitely not a top priority, but could be an easy win afaik.


Hey @Meerkatoshi thanks for popping in.

I totally understand your stance because I have seen many that have requested such a feature.

However, this just isn’t possible. Users are a bit misinformed on what sICX is. It’s a share of a staking pool, and that’s it. It doesn’t receive a transaction that we can track that says “this amount of staking rewards were given to this person”. Also, sICX is a public utility. It’s used in Omm and Balanced and will be used in many other products going forward, It’s not a Balanced product

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