Reclaim unclaimed sICX disbursments

Over a year ago after a big liquidation event balanced dao decided to pay back a lot of borrowers from the reserve profits during the event.

There still sits some unclaimed sICX from this event in the disbursement contract,
around 170K sICX. A long time has passed and it seems unlikely that these amounts will be claimed.

I propose we start a discussion on how we want to use these funds followed by a lengthy vote to allow everyone who still hasn’t claimed the opportunity, then discontinue that contract and claim the funds back to daofund.

The Obvious choose would be to pair with bnUSD for some more POL but are open to other discussions.


I agree. The partial return of the liquidation penalty was approved to help active Balanced users. sICX not yet claimed will either never be claimed or is not connected to a (active) community members.

So lets give people one more chance and then put whats left to good use (POL?).


I’m also in favor of this proposal and execution strategy. Not much to add, I’ll be sure to help bring awareness to give anybody who hasn’t claimed a chance to do so.


Sounds like more POL is a good idea if people do not claim.

Good work Balanced- decentralized, hard working, technologically friendly!

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