So, I’m in the app constantly, but didn’t see until yesterday. I think the app could do a better job of promoting the discussions here and getting feedback from users. It doesn’t have to be heavy handed but a link goes a long way. Explicitly requesting participation in discussions that may result in a proposal, for example, would have been awesome had I known where that discussion was happening!

But even outside the app, having a more prominent place on the site (rather than the very last link all the way at the bottom of the page) would also be cool. Bonus points for “recent discussions” pushed to the home page to draw people over to get involved.


I agree that visibilty is important but also want to point out that @benny_options is always linking and sharing discussions that are of importance (suggestions/proposals).

For now our user base is small and everybody that has a decent stake is checking in but many like to just read on new developments to stay up to date not really participating in conversation. Which i guess is normal considering not everyone can contribute to every aspect. E.g I can’t really say stuff bout economics or how we manage to get bnUSD stable etc.

Actually, I was thinking about a dedicated website that aims to “teach” new users everything important about the Icon ecosystem/active tutorials.

Official twitter accounts + links (we already had a case where a fraudulent website tried to lure people into giving away their private keys)

But also stating the importance of taking responsibility for the DAO as we are all stakeholders thus responsible for its success.

Sorry, for being a little off topic and hijacking your post but these thoughts were circling in my mind the recent days. :yum:

I like this idea, more content about governance and more voices in the discussion are always better. When someone submitted a proposal for voting cold it made me think maybe the governance process isn’t clear enough. We should definitely invest in awareness, maybe with a dao grant or something.

Who’s the individual that does the explainer videos, is it @Fezbox ? We could reach out to them or do a HX57 competition or something.

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I actually spoke to the folks managing hx57 and we can do a sponsored hx57 program