Now that ICON has helped recover the 2.1M ICX stolen by the attacker, we can start rebuilding protocol-owned-liquidity.

The DAO Fund has ~300k bnUSD and ~450k worth of sICX. I propose that we use 250k bnUSD and the corresponding amount of sICX to supply ~500k worth of POL in the sICX/bnUSD pool, which is the primary revenue generator of Balanced.

For the remaining sICX, I’d be open to pairing it with BALN to supply to the BALN/sICX pool to increase liquidity there, but I’m less certain of this as compared to other POL options. Therefore, I want to focus this proposal on just sICX/bnUSD POL and discuss other options in a separate proposal.


All for this proposal :+1::+1:


All good with this idea!

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nothing to add, keep moving forward

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Thanks for jumping in folks - will get this up for vote first thing next week!