No event/history for liquidation/forced repayment

I was apparently pushed into a forced repay or liquidate but there’s no history displayed. Just no collateral. This makes it difficult to track down what the actual transaction values were at the time of the liquidation/forced repay. IE - How much had the loan been rebalanced into? How much collateral was actually present at the time? Having a history entry would be incredibly helpful rather than me trying to track back through the last 12 hours of blockchain activity.


Happened to so many of us! They raised the loan raising the liquidation price unbeknown to everyone!

I lost 250k and they wouldn’t let me pay the loan

There’s still 21% of your 250k sicx held by Balanced and they will return it to you after a voting proposal!

current proposal is raising it to 85%, meaning if it pass. we all get back 15%, not 21%.

67% → 85%

depends on the time you got liquidated

Can you vote on this?

i actually don’t know if this apply to liquidated account.

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Thanks … I’ll check it out

But isn’t this in the future? Not what’s just happened?