Network fees for early investors

I have invested early on, i believe on day 5, and for over a month the app was showing that I was eligible for network fees BALN/bUSD liquidity supply I provided. Then came the crash and I had to stop providing liquidity to pay my debt.
When the 60 day from start payout came, I did not get any network fees.
Is that how it should be? Did I not get it because I was not eligible on day 60?
If so, that seems not fair. I provided liquidity when it was needed the most, accepting early investor risks, in order to get nothing.
Or was their a glitch in distribution and I am still eligible to get the network fees I earned for over a month.
I would not complain if the amount I provided was not so substantial.

Hi Alex,

try check it out in this address how much network fee you can claim.

You can reach to dev team in telegram for further assistance if the claim issue persist.

Thank you, but it is showing 0 everywhere for my ICX address. I will get in touch with the dev team.

Please DM me your public address on telegram and I will review your situation with the team. I have the same handle on telegram