My BALN & BUSD have disappeared?


The ~$1000 of BALN/BUSD I supplied as liquidity (see screenshot) has disappeared?

This is the only method I can find to try and contact support, if someone is aware of an email I should use then please advise.

please contact @benny_options or dm him in telegram for assistance

Thanks for replying - have already tweeted him

Might want to try supplying another small amount to the same pool. Perhaps you deposited and didn’t sign the final transaction, which caused assets to be stuck in the contract. Usually sending a small amount will reverse the action, but best to contact Scott. AND ALWAYS REMEMBER HE WON’T DM YOU FIRST.

It should be showing the trade page of Balanced. Looks like he’s done everything required.


A different Benny_Options (same name, same logo) DM’d me through the Telegram group…and has scammed me out of all my ICX. Told me to go to (note the v2…).

Yes ultimately I’ve been an idiot but am left very VERY angry as I only went to Telegram because Balanced don’t offer any support here on their own site! Have reached out to @BalancedDAO on Twitter to discuss

you entered your 24 word seed phrase into a website. if a stranger were to ask you for the gps coordinates where you buried your gold to verify that it is fact your gold, do you tell them?

  1. buy a ledger from the Ledger or create a wallet on Icon using Hana
  2. write down your seed phrase, and create a pin or password
  3. fold the seed phrase into a little square. wrap it in tin foil. put it into a lamination paper. sign it in permanent maker. put it somewhere safe.
  4. never give that seed phrase to anyone.
  5. enjoy!
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Still people Falling for QR code its because companies used to do this with consumers and these crooks are that low uncovered by coincidence of time and place and bad people hurting good people, I was new in the space honest and nieve to internet businesses and lost less than I should have when it happened with me for careless ignorance and lack of full understanding protection, so Don’t feel bad and learn the experience and get better from it…

1 uncertainty of this is or question that is not answered very surely is what you wrote and suggest people will read and think they understand it to be or know what they see? Because the words got said, with new people joining the space and my own experience’s with loss says it can hurt