MEXC Global x BALN - Listing & Marketing Partnership

Brief Introduction:

MEXC Global is ranked top20 cryptocurrency exchanges, as we as in our resources and communities.

MEXC Global has more than 7million registered users and up to 1million highest daily active users.

Short summary:

The goal of this proposal is the breakdown towards a partnership with MEXC Global & $BALN.

Extended Summary:

This is to secure collaboration with CEX on marketing & new listing that would allow $BALN be more well known around the world

MEXC Global will provide full support to $BALN, as MEXC Global will collaborate together with $BALN community to grow $BALN together as team.

The proposal as below

Request Breakdown:
80,000 USDT

$BALN will gain listing & marketing support in MEXC Global from but not limited to;

Feel free to leave your thoughts.

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Hello :wave: can you please provide information and a breakdown of previous partnership trading volumes and new users for those platforms after being listed on MEXC.


Currently on CoinMarketCap, we are rank 14 worldwide;
Daily Trading Volume : $1,057,031,283
Weekly Visitors: 1,815,379
Registered users: 7,000,000+

Some of the previous partnership on M-day campaigns;
10th session - PlutusDefi (PLT) - Sales price: 0.25$ , Highest Listing Price: 3.5$ (1300%)
11th session - WaykiChain (WGRT) - Sales price: 0.00595$, Highest Listing Price: 0.047 (689.91%)
12th session - Centrality (CENNZ) - Sales price: 0.0478$, Highest Listing Price: 0.45$ (841.42%)
14th session - eCell (ECELL) - Sales price: 0.028$, Highest Listing Price: 0.159$ (467.85%)
15th session - Alpaca City (ALPA) - Sales price: 0.29$, Highest Listing Price: 0.478$ (164%)

Kickstarters Campaign
(Highest Listing Price)
YIN Token - Up 2553%
FUSE Token - Up 833%

Participants for Launchpad is around 20,000 users, the highest of 33,482
Participants fo M-Day is around 10,000 users, the highest of 15,612 users.

Hope this helps; I couldn’t attach the attachment here. Therefore, these are some of the tokens that we have partner with previously with high results.


Thank you for the info and quick response. The request is for 80k usdt but im just curious wouldnt MEXC need to have baln as well to support and create liquidity on the cex ?

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Would you use the 80k to buy BALN at current prices to use liquidity on your exchange?

How much of your trading is from real users vs wash trading?

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Hi, to answer that question we do not provide any liquidity from MEXC Global, we do suggest project to have their own liquidity provider and we will do API integration.
Usually we will suggest project to put at least 100k$ on the liquidity
Hope this answer the question.


To answer the question, most of the BALN spent, 80% of the funds will be uses for marketing campaign such as M-day event and etc. marketing giveaway.

We don’t not support wash trading, and we don’t allow wash trading in our platform.

Hope this help. Thanks


Thanks Tseng, @benny_options what is your take on this. It seems like a good exchange.

We do need to get BALN listed on alternative exchanges. I’m not sure 80k USD is possible for us. Concurrently, we may want to look at partnering BALN to the top “DOT” Defi DAO.

Side topic, I was also hoping Balanced had plans to incorporate the ICE and Snow token swaps between chains. But it seems Everest is doing that. I am pretty disappointed Balanced was not heading that up.

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Hey @BALNSupporter and others -

Overall, my take is that this isn’t really a great time to be spending on an exchange listing for the DAO’s tokens. The DAO spends a lot on maintaining it’s own liquidity, and I think that 80k would be best spent as POL (protocol-owned-liquidity) rather than getting added to MEXC and needing to spend additional DAO funding to pay a market maker to keep the trading pair active.

I don’t want to go in depth on this thread since it’s unrelated, but Everest is only built on SNOW itself, not on ICON. Balanced is not built on SNOW, it’s written in Java and built on ICON. Anybody can list any token any time for trading on Balanced.

If you would like SNOW added as a trading pair, then you simply need to supply liquidity, but it requires a bridge between ICON and SNOW. If you would like Balanced to pay BALN rewards for a SNOW pair because you think Balanced will earn money from the trading volume, then submit a proposal. Balanced is a DAO, anything a community member wants can become a reality if they get support from others in the community.

Personally, I think the biggest driver of revenue for Balanced is the sICX/bnUSD trading pair currently, since it has arbitrage opportunities, and would rather spend incentives / POL on that pool.