Introducing Karma Finance

Dear Balanced community,

Following the same process carried out on the Omm forum, I’d like to introduce a new DeFi protocol, funded by the CPS, that will be coming to the ICON network in the next few months: Karma Finance

Karma Finance is a community-owned decentralized financial ecosystem which will provide multiple services for users and protocols.

The first service the early contributors are working on is Karma Bond. Karma Bond is a protocol owned liquidity-as-a-service, providing treasuries and bonds optimized to individual protocol needs.

We would like to reach out to you, the Balanced community, to get your thoughts and feedback on:

  1. The Karma Bond mechanics
  2. Integrating Balanced as a partner protocol with 2 liquidity pools: BALN/bnUSD and BALN/sICX. Further pools could be considered such as BALN/IUSDC and BALN/USDS

We believe Karma Bond will be beneficial for the Balanced protocol as well as BALN token holders but we ultimately wish the community to engage in this process as we build out synergies across the ICON ecosystem.

I’ll be here to answer your questions and will gladly host an AMA on Discord if the community wishes.


I’m in support of protocol owned liquidity. Allowing Balanced supporters to buy BALN at a discount and diversifying the DAO fund in one go are cherries on top.

Monks Academy just did an interview with Karma Finance which can help BALN holders to understand the workings before they vote.