Increase LTV to 35% (continued)

As mentioned in the Borrower Experience thread, I’d like to continue to raise LTV and let borrowers manage their own positions as they see fit. We can start by increasing from 30% to 35%, then see if we’d like to continue.

I seem to recall the increase in LTV from 25% to 30% went really smoothly, but I was pretty busy around that time. Did anyone notice any growing pains with rebalancing?
That said, I feel this change gives borrowers more room to adjust their position, which along with lowering the origination fee, should balance the impact of tightening the peg for bnUSD.

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I’m in support of this idea. I also think that we should increase the liquidation ratio to 75% or 80% LTV. This will also provide borrowers with more margin to play with and thus reduce the risk of liquidation, particularly if the LTV is going to increase. I believe its currently 67% which I feel is quite low.


This is interesting.

I agree with this.
I woke up this morning having been rebalanced up roughly 8%
As icx price is dropping I’m creeping even faster towards liquidation. With my collateral locked, even an increase to 35% LTV wouldn’t give me access to my collateral to save myself because the rebalancing up is so large and keeps happening just before the price drops leaving me at an instant loss if i were to repay what the rebalance just bought.
I think an increase in liquidation is a great idea and would give us that little bit of space to ease the mind.