Increase Borrower reward 10% -> 15%

Hi all,

Due to all the recent action on Balanced (with the Rebalancing and Reverse rebalancing), i suggest increasing the rewards for Borrowers from 10 % → 15%.

With the volutile markets and the added stress on monitoring your positions I feel this is warranted. Also the pegging of BNusd close to $1 USD is an essential part of the Balanced platform, drives lot’s of fees and with an increasing number of people as Borrowers the evening out of ‘rebalancing’ per person / position goes down.

Later this gives the oppertunity to peg the BNusd closer to $1, by adjusting the rebalancing threshold from 2,5% → 2% (separate vote?!). And the option to adjust even more closer to a $1-$1 peg.

I would sugest to lower the BALN/USD pool from 14,5% → 9,5%. With the transaction routing through the BALN/ICX pool should be the main incentivised BALN pool. Also I read that the BALN/USD pool is ‘overvalued’, comparing to the transactions that daily go through and the fees that the pool generates.

Shoot :).

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