Incentivize Proposals

To promote new (and hopefully good) ideas what do you guys think about a small reward from the DAO fund to proposals that get approved? This could help innovation and community engagement (which are already great in Balanced) to evolve as a leading protocol.

Doesn’t need to be a huge sum, maybe 500 Baln could do the trick.

A negative outcome could be that people start proposing too much, in that case we could consider charging a little bit for submitting a proposal in the first place.


I think this is overall a good idea but I’d rather it be handled on a case-by-case basis, similar to

Like instead of saying “get your proposal improved and earn some BALN” we can have something that community members apply for (managed by community members for community members) and reward the best proposals on an ongoing basis.


Maybe as part of voting, capture a secondary “brilliant” score that rewards based on getting a positive vote AND based on the brilliant score. Adjusting a percentage here or there would get low rewards but a new solution to a problem or getting consensus on a new pool, etc. could get rewarded up to a max fee.

I don’t think there’s a paucity of governance proposals. People have requested complex features like fee conversion that take weeks, and the balanced contributors have spent a while on them. If the balanced workers didn’t have anything to work on, I’d say this proposal is absolutely necessary. However, there’s a ton of stuff for them to work on right now.

Right now I’d prefer that more development time is spent on loans and the dex. This is what drives engagement to the platform, and ultimately the value of network fees. Time spent on this feature removes focus from those.

Like mr. options says, there’s platforms on icon that already can do this like HX 57. I think that doesn’t distract from the money making features, and can form the minimum of incentivized proposals. Then maybe in early-mid 2022 it could be worth a revisit to a more complex solution involving dev time, if we want to motivate some cooler suggestions.

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