Improvements for exchanging pairs

If i’ve just bought ICX from an exchange and come to balanced, i have to exchange to sICX before i can exchange any other pairs.

  1. A new user might be confused as to why their ICX can’t be swapped for anything. In addition, all they see is their ICX is losing in value against sICX. I get why that chart is there, but from a UX perspective, it serves 0 purpose. You’d get more value from that space if you explained what sICX is there.

  2. While i understand why we need to exchange sICX because of the LPs, why can’t this step be automated so that i’m transacting straight to my desired pair? Or a simpler UI without needing to click the dropdown multiple times.

I see similar functionality on the Raydium dex where they will let me choose the desired pair, go through a “setup” before the swap. You can see the Swapping Through line that tells me i’m going from SOL > RAY > SAMO. However, i’m not leaving the swap UI page. It’s a better UX IMO. Better yet, just skip the setup part entirely and automatically convert to sICX for me. If this step MUST be done in all cases, then just automate it.

Grateful for all you guys do!

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This feature is being worked on. It’s called transaction routing. @benny_options am I right this is included in tomorrow’s release?

I kinda like the idea of explaining sICX instead of the chart makes sense to me. Any thoughts here @lifeofkaizen ?

Yep correct - this will be done with transaction routing, which is currently going through the ICON static audit process

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Just saw the monthly update blog post. Great work & thanks!

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