Improve APY display for providing liquidity

Implement a toggle function similar to Omm’s “Show APR with Omm rewards”.
Balanced APR currently show’s APR for BALN rewards.
Improve the GUI to include a toggle to “Show APR with estimated fees” rewards included, for staking pools. If a calculator can be included to try out different amounts that could be useful as well.
The coding should include simple formulas to determine the estimated fees based on average time frame, weekly or monthly perhaps.
So formula would be something like this, if I did my math with correct assumptions.

After solving for below you would then add the 34% to the APY calculated for BALN rewards and show the combined APY. Please correct me if I’m wrong in my math, but the BIP remains to simply implement a toggle to show APY with fees included.


200,000 USDS/bnUSD is in the liquidity pool. you want to put 50k each into the pool increasing total value to 300k, the volume is about 190k per day. assuming 10k Baln staked, with 16mil total Baln staked.

((190k x 365 x 0.15 x 100k) / (100 x 300k)) = 34675
((104025 x 60 x 10k) / (100 x 16mil) = 39

sum = 34,714 / 10000 = 34.7% APY

volume x 365 days x .15 percent x provided value
------------------divide---------------------- = trade fees per year
1 day x 1 year x 100 percent x value pool
trade fees x 60 percent x provided baln stake
year x 100 percent x total baln stake

**sum / provided value = apy in pools coins value

trading fees are .3%
0.15% stays in the pool
60% of .15% goes to baln stakers
1.15% origination fee to fee protocol? only applicable to bnUSD right?


Great suggestion - will raise an issue on our repo for the design team to look at