ICE pools (incentivised)

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to throw this out there, with the ICE airdrop coming anytime now. I’d like to get everyone’s thoughts on incentivising some ICE pools on Balanced.




Or Both!

I feel this would be the first utility of the ICE token. And go along way to support long term growth/support of the ICE token.

I feel we should be keeping incentivises (BALN rewards) fairly small. I’d like @benny_options thoughts on this.

Everyone feel free to comment on this idea, as it would be great to get the ball rolling before the airdrop.


Definitely planning on having an ICE/bnUSD pair and allowing ICE as a form of collateral on Balanced after it has sufficient liquidity


What are you thoughts on incentivising the pair with BALN rewards?

I like the idea of ICE as collateral. ICX, BALN and ICE would be my preferred collateral types.

They are the best assets to utilise for growth/sustainability of Balance at the moment.

ETH and BTC will be a priority down the road abit.


I am open to it - I think the v2 of our token economics should allow for fluid voting on where to allocate rewards similar to Curve. So users can always select a new pool to incentivize and direct inflation there, creates competition to accumulate BALN in order to incentivize your own pools


Hi BigBen @benny_options
A few questions if you could help please firstly
If you could help me and make it clear for me please. Is there anything I need to do in preparation for the drop? Will the drop happen within the balanced platform?
I am currenlty holding ICX on ledger utilizing Myiconwallet to work on Balanced. So I am hoping I am sweet is that right?
How would ICE / sICX work? and whats the difference to ICX /sICX pool the latter is the more confusing to me cause ICE is different yeah. But whats the benefit of a staked / unstaked pool?

Thanks for the help

Official details will come out when the time if right, we don’t even have an official snap shot date yet.

Scott has said Balanced will support the ICE airdrop. But the finer details are not known.

It’s in Balanced’s best interest to support the airdrop. Otherwise all the ICX will leave the platform for the airdrop.

Just keep an eye out for updates, no need to panic!

Thanks BibBen for the help. Will do,

That’s a relief I’m looking forward to seeing it all play out.

I’m really enjoying the platform it’s great.

Hopefully once the ICE has been airdropped we can get an ICE/ICX pool or ICE/bnUSD pool