How the claim baln rewards?

Hi there,

I’ve supplied liquidity to the Baln /sIcx pool.

Therefore it states that i’ll receive an approximitely reward of 0.56 Baln (see attachment):

However, i don’t know how to get this rewards of 0.56 BALN. Is this distributed automaticly on a daily basis? Or does it capitalise within in the pool which means that i will only recieve the BALN-rewards t when i withdraw my liquidity?

Thanks in advance guys!

If you haven’t figured it out by now. Check the rewards section. For now the rewards are distributed on a daily basis at 5 pm UTC if I am not mistaken. Kinda hard keeping track on all the timezones. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Madsn! The rewards section was still 0, but it just changed 5min ago (it indeed changed at 5pm utc). Now it says “0.58 BALN” :slight_smile: (even more than estimated)