Funding / Continuity

Ola Guys & Galls,

I believe it’s about time to voice a concern I’ve been having for quite some time.

As far as I know… Balanced has 2 sources of “income”, or ways to compensate contributors.

  • Its actual income (trading fees & bnUSD fees).
  • Balanced inflation.

During this prolonged bear market both appear to be on a slow grind down.

Are there plans in place for balanced to continue to be able to get A+ work done, b y A+ teams (Including, but not limited to @PARROT9 ) Throughout an enduring bear market?

As all iconists, I do expect xCall / BTP to become a big driver of volume / revenue. But personally I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes another 5 years for those revenues to materialize.

I would love to know more about current plans, and while we’re at it brainstorm extra plans as well.