Docs need updating

First of all… You guys rock. Balanced is my favorite crypto project (by far), and I think the level of engagement from both crew and community is insane. And I do think the platform is mostly self explanatory and when people dive in, there’s a lot of information to be found.

But the docs are outdated. And I think this is a missed opportunity.

Properly maintained docs could be a starting point for people getting to know balanced dragging them into the ecosystem and help shape the rest of the experience:

  • Informed new users are more likely to participate in governance
  • With better informed new users, the discussions on telegram and other channels would probably improve
  • It would attract more new users / investors. Considering the following trajectory before making any kind of serious investing decision:
    1. Social media rumors
    2. website visit (Awesome experience by the way)
    3. reading up in the docs
    4. Further research into
      4.1 socials
      4.2 Forums
      4.3 etc
      5. Invest!

If we take the current docs as a starting point, updating & maintaining them could even be a community effort.



Good post. Keep it up

Will be sure to comb through them and make some fixes! Also, I’m going to make a new category for “Feedback” like this and move the thread FYI