Distribute the ICE from DAO fund to baln holders

I made a tweet a couple of days ago with an idea of distributing the ICE that will be airdropped to the DAO fund to BALN holders.

I think this will help in less selling pressure on baln before the airdrop. As people want to max out their icx holdings for more ice.

Pros and cons the way i see it.

*Less selling pressure on baln.
*Incentives to hold baln.

*DAO fund will have less ICE.

A question that might be up for discussion is if the ice should be distributed to all baln holders or only stakers.

Imo stakers should get it, as they control the dao fund and it would make more people stake their baln maybe.

What do you think?


As a Baln holder this proposal would make me very happy and would immediately vote YES on this unless I’m missing something (that i know you smart people will point out).

In any case, if we feel that the DAO fund must own ‘some’ ICE in order to insert smart things they would do with the ICE token here maybe a % of total ICE gets redistributed to Baln holders (e.g 50% of ICE tokens get redistributed).



I sounds good on paper, but honestly speaking makes no sense for me after thinking about it for a bit.

The DAO fund holds 248,601 sICX.
There is 7,042,790 BALN staked.

That means for every staked BALN, you would get ~0.035 ICE.
Total supply of ICE tokens on launch should be ~840,000,000.

Now, let’s say the ICE chain has an amazing launch at $1b FDV, that puts the ICE token at ~$1.20.

value_accrual = (price_BALN + 0.035*price_ICE) / price_BALN = (1.58 + 0.035*1.20) / 1.58 = 1.026

So the DAO fund would give up a substantial part of its non-native assets for BALN holders to potentially make an extra 2-3% on their BALN.

Let me know if I am getting some numbers wrong here, but the proposal doesn’t add up for me at all.


Thank you so much for the reply. I havnt actually ran the numbers so it’s much appreciated!


I think it’s good to look at the long term. How about using all of the profits from the DAO fund supplying the icx/ice pair to buy back BALN? and burn BALN


Definitely vote yes for me . Let put in proposal ASAP.

I will vote No to this. It would just add more selling pressure on ICE without any substantial benefit for Balanced holders.
I would rather keep it in DAO fund and use for development funding when the price starts rising.

Add to this that the amount of staked BALN is probably going to rise considerably as voting weight and network fees get removed from LP BALN.

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I like the DAO having ICE. There’s a very real set of use cases such that having a not insignificant chunk of ICE will benefit the org in the long run. I mean, I realize it has a short term negative on prices with folks pulling out of BALN to get more ICX but that’s what we call an opportunity.

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Sounds like a great idea, even if it is so little ICE per BALN staked. I think it would be a good test so balanced holders can feel the benefits of taking part in governance.

I would only back this up if it didn’t mean a lot of dev time though.

From the start I was positive in this but I desagree now, we can use this ice airdrops for listing baln in more exchanges or more marketing , exchange listing right now is baln biggest weakness ,so it’s better to use funds wisely at least in the start :grin:

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After abit of thought I have decided to not move forward with this proposal.

The ice distributed is not worth the development cost and won’t ease enough selling pressure.


Hello there! I wanted to revive this discussion because I think overall this is a good idea that shouldn’t be abandoned. There is one key thing that I think was overlooked: sICX in the Emergency Fund.

At this moment, there is 742,901 sICX in the Emergency Fund. If we combine that with the current DAO holdings of 254,796 sICX, then the DAO would receive about 1,052,171 ICE if the snapshot were taken now (the actual value should be higher since the snapshot is at least a couple of weeks away). There is currently ~7,800,000 BALN staked, which translates to roughly 0.135 ICE per staked BALN if we were to distribute 100% of the ICE (I believe we should keep some ICE in the DAO Fund).

I suggest taking a snapshot of staked BALN at the same time the ICE snapshot is taken for ICX holders. Then, distribute 50-75% of the total ICE received by the DAO/Emergency Funds to those that were staking BALN at the time of the snapshot. The other 25-50% would go to the DAO Fund.

Based on current numbers, each staked BALN would get between 0.067 – 0.1 ICE depending on how much we decide to distribute.

The goal of this proposal is to increase value for BALN Stakeholders by letting them benefit from the ICE distribution. In addition, it also demonstrates how BALN Stakeholders can directly benefit from the DAO holdings, which is something we haven’t seen in action yet. The DAO will retain a significant amount of ICE and will continue to gain more naturally.

It may also help soften the BALN selloff caused by the snapshot.

I would support a proposal if the community made one, tho don’t have a strong opinion.

One thing tho, I don’t understand the rush to vote on this now when no action can be taken. All this would do is create a decent amount of tedious work to manually scrape blockchain data about BALN stakers at a specific block then go through another on-chain vote to release the ICE from the DAO Fund.

I’d like to suggest an alternative that I hope you’ll like too. It seems we have social consensus here. I would 100% vote yes to distribute ICE from the DAO Fund to BALN stakers. But instead of voting now, when there’s nothing to be done, let’s wait for the ICE to hit the DAO Fund, then vote at that time to distribute to BALN stakers. It’ll be one proposal that sends the ICE to a smart contract, that smart contract will check BALN stakers at the time, then BALN stakers can get the distribution. It will be much simpler with a similar result.

Just to reiterate, I would vote yes on distributing ICE to BALN stakers. I get that many feel that people are selling BALN in preparation for the ICE airdrop, but as an active member of the community you know that ICE will be coming to BALN stakers too through this proposal. It’s just a matter of voting on it once the DAO receives the ICE.

Overall this is all short-term stuff that will be over once the ICE airdrop happens, which is why I don’t have too strong of an opinion. Just my 2 cents here in terms of being most efficient


I like this alternative. It will help with creating buying pressure of baln after ice is dropped.

What’s you opinion of including the emergency fund?

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I support it, see thread below:


I think that’s a good alternative.

It’s not a pressing issue, so I wouldn’t want to place unnecessary burden on the platform contributors.

Since we are waiting, I suppose it would be best if we waited until the bBALN system is implemented, then distribute it based on bBALN holding. This would ensure that it goes to the most dedicated supporters of the platform.

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It is a better option to use these ice funds to list baln in more exchanges ? Baln biggest weaknes is the luck of listing from the exchanges👍

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All the ICE our dao receives should be sold off for a stable coin and used for exchange listing fees whatever they may cost. I’m sure the foundation can help us get in touch with the proper individuals and or help sponsor the listing. Since we already hold plenty of baln to supply as liquidity there will be no problems there. Using the ICE as an airdrop to every baln staker will dilute the distribution so much that people won’t even notice it.

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