DFP 10: Fund PARROT9’s work on Balanced until the end of 2024

DFP 10: Fund PARROT9’s work on Balanced until the end of 2024

We (PARROT9) are requesting 7 months of funding to cover Balanced’s frontend, design, content, and infrastructure needs until the end of 2024.

Income: $24,000 per month
Infrastructure costs: $200 per month
Total: $169,400

If approved, our 4-person team will spend 3 weeks of every month working on Balanced to fast-track its growth. We’ll use this time to design and build new features (e.g. cross-chain loans and concentrated liquidity), integrate cross-chain connections, intensify our cross-chain marketing efforts, and ship regular enhancements to the app, stats page, website, and docs.

The infrastructure costs will cover hosting of the app, stats page, docs, and blog, as well as the Balanced contributors’ use of GitHub CoPilot.

The DAO Fund only holds ~105k bnUSD, so we’ve requested payment in bnUSD and sICX:

  • 100,000 bnUSD
  • 260,000 sICX

The sICX will be paid out upon approval of this proposal. It assumes a rate of $0.28 per sICX, and includes a 5% premium to cover volatility and slippage.

The bnUSD will be sent to a smart contract so we can only claim for the time that’s passed since the funding period began. If the community is unsatisfied with our progress, they can vote to return the remaining funds.

See DFP10: Fund PARROT9 to work on Balanced until the end of 2024 for the proposal discussion.

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