DAO funded poker tournaments

Hello everyone,

How would you feel about DAO funded poker tournaments?

They would be hosted on https://www.pokernow.club/, no entry fees and the prize money would come from the DAO fund.

Anybody can join and play but to be eligible for the prize money, we can require some amount of bBALN, trading volume, governance participation, or maybe a combination or a rotation of those.

Prior to the tournament, there would be some twitter action to generate buzz.

I would also like to see some promotional tournaments with higher prize pools, tied to a new chain connection and a larger twitter campaign. And again, we could require some trading volume, but now coming from the new chain.

The game would be no limit Texas Hold’em, no re entries.

To kick things off, I propose to withdraw $1,000 from the DAO fund.

For participation of roughly 50 players a payout of $400, $250, $150, $100, $100.

Tournament would be structured to last around 3 hours.

Overall, it seems to me like a great way to generate more community engagement, create some additional hype around Balanced and have fun along the way.

See you at the table!


Thats a good idea, how we gonna verify who is eligable?

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People finishing in the money would share their address to receive the rewards. We check the address manually for the requirements, if they are not met, next person in line can get the money.


Super into this idea - definitely would support the vote. I’m thinking timing wise, maybe wait just a bit longer, maybe another 1 month? This way we get a bit more out of it with hopefully more community members.

Requirements wise, I don’t think we should be all that strict. Perhaps just one transaction sent to a Balanced contract. Relatively low bar to entry, perhaps even just following Balanced, liking + retweeting the poker tournament announcement. Distribution growth is important for us.

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Yeah, we can go easy on the requirements.

I would like to do at least one tournament to test things properly prior to the bigger promotion related to a new chain connection. Let’s lower the prize pool for the first one to $500, then, and do it relatively soon, I’m thinking in about a week or two.