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Hey Guys,

Could we list ways for community members to help out the development team? For example i noticed some parts of the docs are outdated, but couldn’t find a way to suggest an update.

example: Balance Token economics - Balanced

i expected to be able to add a pull request to: GitHub - balancednetwork/docs: All Balanced documentation & specifications but found it still empty.

Maybe together we could maintain the docs, or roadmap or whatever? Maybe even fill team requests. this way the core team would be freed up to improve the smart contracts & interface at an even higher pace, while at the same time allowing the community to participate and get to know the protocol / tools even better.


Hey! Thanks for putting in the effort here. For docs, @lifeofkaizen maybe we can look into a way to make this more of an open-source process.

For other aspects, all of our ongoing work is listed under “issues” in the respective github repo and anybody can submit a PR to fix an issue or even raise a new issue that they would like to work on.

I’m getting Discord ready which should also spur more collaboration between the main contributors and the growing community since we have development channels there. Overall, I’d say one of the best things the community can work on is trying to put together educational content, ad-hoc meetups/discussions/events, and generally spread awareness of Balanced!


If I understand correctly the Balanced ecosystem consists of the following parts:

So for the community to contribute we have the following options:

Did I miss anything?


Looks like a comprehensive list to me. I would also add collaboration/cross-promotion with other projects/communities they are involved in. This will be especially helpful as BTP gets going and more assets/communities come over to ICON

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All good. 100% Agree. Let do it.