Can't withdraw liquidity from BALN / sICX pool

Hi everyone,

I can’t withdraw my BALN and sICX from the BALN / sICX pool.

I confirm the withdrawal on my ledger, but then it says “Your transaction has failed. Reverted (0)”.

Somebody know what I am doing wrong here?

I have enough icx in my wallet, so it can’t be the fee…

Thanks in advance.

OK guys: I hope the solution is here:

“Have your assets been in the pool for more than 24 hours? They need to be there at least 24 hours before they can be withdrawn. Also, if you added to the pool in any way (topped up what’s in there) the same applies.”

I indeed topped up my liquidity only 23 hours ago.

I’ll check back within a few hours and keep you guys posted.

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