Can we add any other bridge ICX wallets to BalancedDAO?

Hi, a n00b here - I am hoping that am not gonna offend anyone or something but is there any possibility to have more options than IConex and Ledger?
Especially that you can find over there that people has issues.

I really wanna to try BalancedDAO and how it works but for now using ICONFI.

Gretting to everyone. You doing fantastic job.

I really wanna delete this but blockchain should be censorship-resistant, irreversible, so maybe someone else will have a laugh b/c it’s understandable that we can use non-custodial wallets. Sorry.

Use the Hana extension on Chrome/Brave browser for PC, and use My Icon Wallet on your phone. It’s possible to use a ledger with both. Those are your best options at this point.