Binance listing Baln


I’m new to this process so ill be brief and if someone wants to take it from here please feel free.

We all know balance is the best defi on the market hands down.

I’m proposing we pay for a binance listing now and launch after 2.0 launches.

The cost is approx 100,000 usd which our D fund definitely has.



I like the idea @just_thayne,

Some questions to put out to the community:

  • Should we look at listing bnUSD as well? (Would that help/hinder rebalancing?)
  • What other costs are associated with a listing?
  • Are there services we should be considering when listing, for example a market maker like wintermute?
  • Should we be looking at launching on multiple exchanges?
  • Are there other Icon or Balanced roadmap items that would be good to wait for or add listing around?

Just to jump in here, some large BALN holders are already professional market makers so there is nothing to worry about here.

Outside of that comment, I fully support the effort. @just_thayne the funding would come from the DAO and the next steps would be for you to pursue listing on Binance. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions


Where can we see how much $ we have in the Dao fund? Also, if 100k is used towards binance… what updates get pushed back or delayed by this? Trying to understand priorities… however I think Baln listing on binance should be pretty high on the list.

Not as high as icx getting listed on coinbase though :joy::joy:

Nothing should really be effected by this from a development standpoint, though there is some overlap currently with implementing continuous rewards. But that project is almost done

Could someone double check that 100,000 usd will get baln listed?

@benny_options what Exactly do you need?

Haha I was actually planning on asking you? I assumed you had contacted Binance and started the process since you created this proposal. Anybody can start the discussion with exchanges, negotiate a fee, etc. When the time comes I know plenty of market makers so that’s not an issue. Just let me know if you need anything from me. The more people pursuing this the better

Binance faq

A key point:

Please make sure that you include all the information you wish to communicate with us in the form. Please also note that we require the project founder or CEO to fill out the application, as we need to speak to the key person of the project when we encounter any issues with the listing.

Tips from CZ

Application Form submitted

Screenshot (238)



Does anyone know how much Kucoin listing is? I think that may be better bang for buck potentially.

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Not sure but i will try and do a token application form this weekend. Doesn’t help that ICX is NOT already on Kucoin. We are probably better off submitting to exchanges where ICX is trading.


This is definitely a topic that I don’t want to slide to a back burner with everything else that is going on. Binance and Binance US would get great together but without US that excludes the hole USA market. I do believe Kucoin would give us the most bang for the buck.


How about

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Not sure @bwhli said on Twitter that he was putting a team together to work on it :grinning:

Binance listing is a nice-to-have but IMO being listed on dexes is the most important priority. For this you need bridges. Icon is so isolated and the same goes for baln. Imagine bnUSD, baln, icx and sicx being integrated on the big defi protocols and dexes. Making a bridge to BSC and Polygon would be most important for the start. Personally I only use CEXes like Binance to get my fiat money into crypto. After more traction binance listing will happen automatically.