BALN/sICX Voting for Preps

As discussed in the community podcast last night I believe it’s time that the BALN holders are able to determine what Prep(s) the ICX/sICX is being voted to. OMM has the ability and I think it’s a good way of doing things where the OMM holders get to vote for where their OMM % of the ICX/sICX holdings go so I think Balanced should do it this way as well where the BALN holders get to decide where the ICX/sICX % of their BALN holders gets voted towards.

As Scott mentioned last night it shouldn’t be too hard now that OMM already has programmed this functionality.


Makes perfect sense, I was going to propose it as well sometime, but didn’t understand the implementation costs, if its low I’m all for it. Adds real value to BALN.

Also as discussed on the call last night we do plan on adding this, so we all approve of this, but it’s with staked BALN tokens not necessarily LPs.

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That seems fair especially with bBALN coming along anyway. Moreso if it simplifies implementation.

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Interesting. I would be okay with it being done with staked BALN as well. I think that allows the people dedicated to Balanced and to the ICON network to decide where the votes should go.