Baln -> Bit2Me exchange listing


as you know the Icon foundation invested into the ICO of Bit2me in order to establish somewhat of a business relationship and to strengthen ICONs position in the european market.

It might be a good start if we could get Baln listed on the exchange as a way to open the gates to our ecosystem and maybe consider listing theirs (B2M Token) on ours as well once the functionalities of btp are in effect.

Please leave a thought if you think that it would be/wouldn’t be worthwhile commiting resources to this matter. Thanks :blush: :yum: :ok_hand:


Good idea - I will reach out to their team since I met him during the NYU discussion panel. However, I will not provide updates as that’s private information. Thank you for the suggestion though and feel free to make your own efforts as well!


This is a great idea, but woudn’t be better to list bnUSD first? B2M could benefit themselves with another stablecoin, BALN represents zero utility for them (low trading volume).