Balanced Liquity issue, sICX/ CFT

I need some help on balanced Liquidity pool.

I sent sICX and CFT while supplying liqudity, but while clicking supply, it just shows error as Balanced Dex rewards is in prgress, try again later,

I refreshed my browser, after that there is no any supply button as well as no LP tokens, but the funds sICX and CFT are transferred. Now How can i get the LP tokens back ?

Note: I’ve done this, and I got my funds back; but I don’t remember exactly how or why it works. I’ll post in the time between someone more knowledgeable posts. But I am 99.9% certain your funds are safe.

I believe they get released from the contract when you attempt another transfer, example, supply .1 sICX and craft, supply assets, then remove assets. And it should be back.

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Yes. This is exactly how you do it

Thank you all, it works.