Balanced Activity Monitor Funding Proposal

Hello everyone, i’d like to submit a funding proposal for the Balanced Activity Monitor (currently integrated with Discord) and wanted to get some feedback from the community.

I developed the Balanced Activity Monitor shortly after Balanced launched. it provides a way for the community to view interactions with Balanced smart contracts in realtime. In the beginning, development took a lot of time as I had to familiarize myself with the Balanced smart contracts (there are quite a few), and how event logs were emitted for different methods. In total, I’d say I spent about 50-60 hours on the initial implementation. Since then, I’ve refactored the code a few times for better performance. I’ve also been paying the $15/month server fee for hosting the bot out of pocket.

Now that Balanced has been stabilized in terms of translating contracts from Python to Java (some new features were added as well), I want to take another pass through all the smart contracts and update the feed to cover as many interactions as possible.

For this proposal, I’d like to request $2,500 for the items below:

  • $200 - 1 year of server costs
  • $2,300 - refactor and add support for all current Balanced smart contracts

I believe this is a reasonable amount to ask for because the work is quite specialized, and the Activity Monitor has become a very popular tool for people in the Balanced community. If I am unable to secure funding, I’ll probably move the bot to free hosting (it’ll be available for 2-3 weeks out of the month) and I’ll add additional features during my free time, which is quite limited nowadays as I am involved in way too many projects.

Please let me know what you think!


I’ve seen a few people ask about the activity feed in Discord and I’m sure there’s others that follow it and don’t report issues, so I’d say it’s a good tool for the community and a fair request from the DAO Fund.


Ola Brian,

I definitely support your request. keep up the good work!

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Whatever it takes to get it up and running again I’ll support. The more features for balanced users the better, but isn’t this something that baln worker tokens can easily cover?

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I think BALW is supposed to cover core contributors (core smart contracts, infrastructure, frontend, etc.). I don’t think Activity Monitor would fall into this category.

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