BAL and FIN missing from balance - can't unstake

staked balance is displayed in hana wallet, but on the balanced app homescreen, BAL and FIN are suddenly missing as of this morning. maintenance related? or to do with the pending vote? or am i just straight up tripping?

available balance on both coins is zero as 100% staked, so iā€™m gonna assume the coin only appears with an active balance now? so how can i unstake BAL then

I believe this UI bug is known and being worked on. In the short term, you could add a small amount of BALN to then unstake ā€” you would probably be able to unstake directly from the smart contract, but I am not knowledgeable in that area.

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only happened yesterday, but yes to confirm as suspected, once i had daily bal fees claimed it reappeared. not a huge issue, not planning on unstaking anytime soon, thanks for the reply