Asset Tracking Dashboard for Accounting and Bookkeeping

We at Skytale would be glad to propose our dashboard as-a-service to consolidate on-chain activities into one single view and to prevent fraud by flagging transactions and preparing critical data for tax reporting. With data aggregated from an extensive and expanding list of supported networks and protocols, Skytale enables anyone to make more informed decisions about their investments and to be alerted to potential scams in the DeFi and NFT space.

More in detail, Skytale:

  • allows users to easily follow transactions and portfolios in their ecosystem across the already supported networks (Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, RSK, BSC, Avalanche, Moonriver, etc.).
  • enriches blockchain data with particular key information, such as manual and automatic tags on certain transactions, historical FIAT values and so on.
  • offers the possibility to integrate with Discord and Slack through WebHooks: this allows the user to get notifications on every incoming or outgoing transaction.
  • visualizes transaction flows in DEXs and dApps ecosystem for any project wanting to offer a more personalized transaction management option to their end-users.
  • simplifies the accounting process allowing users to seamlessly export their transactions in a CSV file or import them into Quickbooks account. Users can cherry-pick the transactions they want to properly report taxes by sharing them with their accountant in a frictionless way.
  • automatically identifies and filters scam tokens (and potential malicious attacks) protecting the end-users. Our classification engine, our flagship feature in development, will use machine learning to analyse and categorize smart contracts and their transactions. It will incorporate a traversable data structure, containing all the information about contracts. This structure will be able to respond to different queries and will provide data in different formats.

As a hypothetical user journey, a user accesses by sharing their metamask public wallet or their email, registers their wallets, tracks and tags their transactions, checks their balance and imports their transactions in Quickbooks in a frictionless way.

More in detail, in our roadmap, we aim to:

  • register Balanced smart contract addresses in our catalogue and map smart contract calls in Skytale to allow users to read their transactions easily. In particular, it enables:
    • the integration with ICX and BALN tokens by showing the proper icon and relevant info.
    • the integration with Balanced staking pools.
  • build the connectors able to communicate with active pools to track the performance (APR) of the allocated assets.

Delivery plan

We aim to deliver the following milestones and ask for a grant tranche at each step according to the timeline below.

  1. ICON integration: ICON network is integrated to read any on-chain activity on Skytale. Skytale fetches all the historical ICON transactions since the genesis and stores them in the internal storage to allow users to search them using combined filters. Grant tranche: $15.000. Timeline: by 30-40 working days after the grant approval
  2. Asset allocation, APR and APY. Users can see the performance of their assets allocated on the staking pools. It allows granted users to see the performance (APR, APY) of their assets allocated on Balanced pools. Grant tranche: $15.000. Timeline: by 60-70 working days after the grant approval.

More information can be found in the proposal link below:

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Would be amazing to have an portfolio tracker that works with ICX. Skytale looks good @ first sight as well. I could totally get behind this proposal.

Props on the proposal presentation as well. :+1:

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Did this proposal progess / get approval? This looks great.

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nope there was never any formal proposal, just this thread

really appreciate your interest @jaygee83 and thanks for the reply @benny_options . Our formal proposal is on the way and we look forward to building it!