Are liquidity providers included in the ICE airdrop?

Hey everyone.

I’m providing liquidity to the OMM/sICX pool currently and I was reading up on the details for the upcoming ICE drop.

From what I’ve gathered all ICX that’s either in a compatible wallet or is staked on Balance/OMM will be included in the airdrop. However, I was unable to find out if any of the assets (ICX or otherwise) that are provided to the liquidity pools will be included in the airdrop. So I’m left wondering if the liquidity providers will be compensated as well.

Yes, but it could just take a bit longer to receive tokens since they are first distributed to the smart contract

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Thanks for the reply!

Do you know if we’re compensated for both token amounts that are contributed to a ICX pairing? (For example the OMM half of the OMM/ICX pair) or just the sICX part of the pair we’ve contributed to the pool?

Only the sICX part because ICE is an airdrop to ICX holders, not OMM holders

Not exactly the same question - but same general topic: I am using my sICX as collateral on balanced for borrowing bnUSD.

Is it still eligible for the airdrop then?

Yes, I believe ICX or sICX on both OMM and Balanced will receive icy/icz airdrop; it may take a little bit longer to distribute.

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