Archway USDC in stability fund

We now have access to noble USDC via Archway. I propose we add a limit of $250K USDC to prepare for Savings launch.

While this might not be accessible from the fronted at launch it allow arbitragers to help keep the peg incase of a it increasing above one dollar.

How to deposit USDC on archway.

Use to move USDC to archway.

When on archway you can use the AssetManager contract:


  "deposit_denom": {
    "denom": "ibc/43897B9739BD63E3A08A88191999C632E052724AB96BD4C74AE31375C991F48D",
    "to": "0x1.icon/<your address>",
    "data": []

With the call include both xCall fee and usdc amount:

<usdc amoun>ibc/43897B9739BD63E3A08A88191999C632E052724AB96BD4C74AE31375C991F48D,